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Visionary Music Entertainment (VME)
is an artistic audio and visual production entertainment company dedicated to the creation of music, videos, clothing, live events and artistic projects with the goal to deliver valuable messages and inspiring stories to our listeners, customers and friends.


We believe the universe has different vibes and frequencies in which we decide to consciously or unconsciously resonate with. If we vibe within a spectrum of frequencies when we act and think, our conscious actions will deliver results within the same spectrum of frequencies put into our goals.
Our actions will not bring us closer to happiness if done from anger, but instead they will, if done with love and knowledge in the subject at hand.
If we can see the bigger picture and communicate the message effectively, the execution of our ideas will become an inevitable part of history.

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Our VME Clothing Line goal is to deliver unique designs over the best quality materials.


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VME is an artistic entertainment company
designed to bring positive and
inspiring messages to the world

We are supporting
talented artists

To collaborate on new projects and campaigns and bring inspiring messages to our listeners and followers,
through art, music, clothing and videos. Join us and become part of the VME movement!

Become part of our community and help us build a better world!

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