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Conscious Artistic Movement

Visionary Music Entertainment

Conscious Movement in pro of the acceleration of human evolution.

VME Universal Mission

Our Mission in this universe is to project dedication, love, Loyalty, vision, respect, inspiration, true desire for success, generosity, friendship, brotherhood and support. We believe that we can nurture everybody and every object around us. As a result the universe will give us more of the same in return as humanity, once we impact humans and non-human creatures. 

Visionary Music Entertainment Principles

.-Vision - Vision is the act or Power of imagination. Imagination is a super power. Long term visions get you one step ahead of most humans who live day by day only being affected by the consequences of the outter world and their own involuntary and voluntary actions and decisions in life.

Visionaries have a clear vision of where they are going and how it feels to be there.

-Loyalty - Loyalty is being faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product.

Being loyal to others makes you loyal to your own goals and believes. Loyalty makes you pure and confident.

-Respect - Respect only gives you respect in return. Respect let’s people know you are serious about getting to where you are going, without harming anyone in the way.
People respect you when you are respectful and committed while you are still yourself. 

Visionary Velli
CEO & Founder / music artist

Universal message

We believe the universe has different vibes and frequencies in which we decide to consciously or unconsciously vibe with. If we vibe within certain frequencies when we act and think, the universe will give us consequences and results within the same vibes and frequencies put into your actions.
Your actions will not bring us closer to happiness if done with anger but instead they will if done with pure love, passion and knowledge in the subject.
If we can dream and communicate the message effectively, the execution of our ideas will become an inevitable part of history.

Music Producer /
Official VME
Beat maker and
sound engineer

Our Grammy-winning music producer is currently creating from 5 to 7 instrumentals daily!!! Go check our shop out to find some dope vibes produced by Feeldalove.

VME Clothing Line

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

If you think you have an interesting and artistic proposal to work with us as an associate or part of the team, we are definitely willing to evaluate your proposal and get back to you ASAP!

VME Conscious Artistic Movement

If you can dream it
We can achieve it together...